Thursday, July 19, 2018

Feeling Jealous

once a pond was lying by a little boy's house his name was max he loves his toys so much and mommy was a good sower;max had a friend named jakecob today max was makeing a new friend jakecob was jealous that he made a new friend his friend was a girl her name was lucy she was very nice soon jakecob got used to her the end


  1. I am so glad Jakecob finally got used to Lucy. Now Jakecob, Lucy and Max can all be best friends together. I wonder though, are there fish in that pond? And if so, will the three best friends ever go fishing? Hopefully there will be a Chapter 2 to this story! ~Love, Aunt Kay

  2. I love the beautiful illustration!

  3. Claire, I love your new story. I'm so proud that you can write and illustrate so well. I hope you will keep sharing your ideas and creativity with others.

  4. Claire,

    Feeling jealous can be hard. I’m glad they could all be friends!

    I love the roots of your tree! It seems like you must practice drawing a lot because you’re so good at it.

    From your mom’s friend, Tanya

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